-invasive assessment of the liver – serum markers and imaging techniques anna mania1, paweå‚ kemnitz, katarzyna mazur-melewska, magdalena figlerowicz and wojciech så‚uå¼ewski [1] department of infectious diseases and child neurology, university of medical sciences, poznan, poland 1. viagra drug interactions flomax Introduction management and prognosis of the liver diseases highly depends on the advancement of the liver lesions. It is particularly important to distinguish patients at greatest risk of developing liver cirrhosis, liver failure and hepatocellular carcinoma. viagra free trial australia Liver biopsy remains the gold standard for evaluating the liver tissue. It allows not only for establishing the grade of inflammatory activity and the stage of fibrosis, but also for more accurate differential diagnosis and detection of coexisting liver diseases. viagra without a doctor prescription Needle biopsy removes, however, only about 1/50,000 of the liver tissue and carries the risk of sampling error. Furthermore, the specimen should be sufficient in length (20-25 mm), width, fragmentation and number of complete portal tracts (at least 11) [cholongitas et al. viagra triangle hotels , 2006]. Moreover, liver assessment is affected by significant interpretative error and interobserver variability of histological interpretation. viagra drug interactions flomax Besides, many patients are reluctant to experience repeated biopsies, which limits the ability to monitor disease progression and the effects of treatments. viagra drug interactions flomax Search for new non-invasive approaches have been initiated as a result of the limitations of the liver biopsy. Non-invasive tests for the assessment of the severity of chronic liver diseases seem to be an attractive option designed to replace liver biopsy in the near future. Ideal non-invasive marker of particular liver lesion should be reliable, liver specific, inexpensive and easy to perform. generic viagra canada In addition, it should allow not only to diagnose particular liver problem but also to monitor its progression. if viagra is for men what is for women Recently extensive research is performed to evaluate non-invasive techniques for the detection of liver fibrosis, necroinflammatory activity and steatosis in various liver diseases. viagra for sale This chapter revises currently used non-invasive techniques of liver assessment. generic viagra without prescription 2. Serum biochemical markers 2. 1. Serum markers of fibrosis in hepatitis the progression of liver fibrosis is a complex wound-healing process, that involves various types of cells and their mediators that eventually leads to the deposition and accumulation of various extracellular matrix (ecm) components. Serum biochemical tests including direct and indirect markers of fibrosis have been most widely investigated. buy viagra without prescription Certain markers, especially cytokines, growth factors, metaloproteinases and their inhibitors may reflect balance or imbalance between fibrogenesis and fibrinolysis, revealing information about the progression of the disease. 2. 2. Direct markers direct m. viagra without prescription generic viagra 50mg uk

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