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Wednesday, october 10th, 2012 skip to content home about us contact us log in ← dengue fever cases in india continue to climb whooping cough on the rise in south carolina → flu vaccinations for poor predicated on doctor reimbursement rates published on october 20, 2010 by ted purlain tweet the number of poor u. S. Children who are administered the influenza vaccine is dependent on how much doctors are paid in reimbursements, according to researchers from the university of rochester medical center. An analysis of state vaccination data from national immunization surveys for 2005 through 2008, as well as socio-economic data, was conducted by dr. viagra versus viagra Byung-kwang yoo and a team of colleagues from the university of rochester, upi reports. Children in families living below the poverty line were found to have the lowest rates of flu vaccination. viagra 40 year old The study, to be published in the journal pediatrics, demonstrated that the number of poor children who receive the shot could be increased one percent for every dollar paid to physicians to give it. buy generic viagra online "there is a strong correlation between flu vaccination and medicaid reimbursement rates," the researchers said in a statement, according to upi. "improving reimbursement rates could improve vaccine coverage among poor children. " vaccines for children that are done through medicaid are paid for by the u. S. order viagra online Government, but the rates of reimbursement to physicians varies from state to state. cheap viagra overnight delivery In colorado, connecticut and hawaii, the rate is approximately two dollars per flu shot. canada pharmacy viagra In new york, that rate climbs to almost $18. does pink viagra for women work The average reimbursement is around $9, upi reports. This entry was posted in medical countermeasures, news. generic viagra without prescription Bookmark the permalink. viagra online pharmacy australia ← dengue fever cases in india continue to climb whooping cough on the rise in south carolina → comments are closed. Join our newsletter subscribe to get our free newsletter. buy viagra cheap Preview | powered by feedblitz browse by category africa asia cdc european union fda medical countermeasures national institutes of health news u. S. Government united states vaccine development world health organization most read this week nih studying newly emerging staphylococcus aureus st. buy pfizer viagra online
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