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Hexadb search options tay-sachs disease (english) / la maladie de tay-sachs (français) montreal tay-sachs disease screening program one in thirty ashkenazi jews in montreal carries the tay-sachs disease gene. generic viagra Do you? You may never have heard of tay-sachs disease, a fatal illness of early childhood. The purpose of this page is to acquaint you with the following: the basic facts about tay-sachs disease how it can be prevented what you can do about it through the montreal tay-sachs disease testing program your physician and rabbi support this program. What is tay-sachs disease? cheap generic viagra india Tay-sachs disease is an inherited disorder causing destruction of the nervous system. The affected child appears normal until about six months of age. cheap viagra pills for sale However, once the disease appears, there is general and slow deterioration and the child begins to lose all of his physical and mental skills. The disease occurs because an important enzyme (a type of chemical) is missing. where to buy viagra in london In its absence, a substance accumulates abnormally in the brain. buy viagra with debit card This causes deterioration and eventual damage to vital nerve centers. buy viagra without prescription Why is an important enzyme missing in patients with tay-sachs disease? We all carry genes - many of them. Female pink viagra 100mg pills Most of our genes instruct our cells to perform normal useful tasks such as producing essential enzymes. cheapest generic super viagra We each carry two copies of each of our genes. generic brands of viagra online We also carry mutations. Mutations are altered genetic instructions. viagra for sale online cheap Many mutations are helpful and allow us to better adapt to our world. viagra sale no prescription Some mutations, however, are harmful. male enhancement pills viagra We all carry at least one or two harmful mutations. viagra national health prescription One such mutation which is harmful when inherited from both parents can cause tay-sachs disease. effects viagra someone without ed In most cases, we are protected from harmful effects of mutant genes such as tay-sachs disease genes because we also carry a copy of the normal gene. Is infantile tay-sachs disease always fatal? Yes. Death occurs by 3-5 years of age, sometimes earlier. viagra dose for women What can be done for the child with tay-sachs disease? There is little hope for children with tay-sachs disease because it is not possible to treat the disease. The patient becomes susceptible to other problems such as pneumonia, and usually develops convulsions. brand viagra for sale Special care is required in order to feed and sustain the child. Viagra safe after stroke The future is not without promise. Recent medical discoveries have vastly increased our understanding of this disorder and it is now possible to prevent its occurrence. 150 mg viagra safe Which families are likely to have a child with tay-sachs disease? Whenever both husband and wife carry the tay-sachs disease gene, there is a one-in-four chance that each pregnancy will result in a child with tay-sachs disease. Viagra 10mg price A child must inherit two tay-sachs disease genes, one from each parent, to have the disease. Can a tay-sachs disease child be born if only one parent is. viagra and alcohol effects viagra national health prescription

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